Chocolate Croissant

 Named "pain au chocolat" or "chocolatine" in the southwest of  France, it is the most popular pastry in France.

Almond croisssant
A delicious croissant filled with almond paste and covered with almond slices on top. It is a real treat.


Introduced by the Viennese, Marie Antoinette, when she arrived in Versailles. The croissant has become the most popular pastry in France. It is enjoyed as much at breakfast time,  as it is as a quick snack.

We generally enjoy it with a good cup of coffee.

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Where does the croissant come from ?


 A Legend takes us to Vienna (Austria) in the 17 th century. Viennese bakers saved the city by alerting the towns people of an invasion by the Ottoman army. In celebration of the victory the Viennese bakers were given the honor of creating a pastry in the form of a croissant that was inspired by the enemy flags.